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the medication was produced by janssen-cilag and is sold under the exchange name risperdal in the netherlands, united states, canada, the united kingdom, portugal, spain, turkey and a few different nations, risperdal or ridal in new zealand, sizodon or riscalin in india, rispolept in eastern europe, and belivon, or rispen somewhere else.

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consider a slow rate of dose titration and a lower target dose in debilitated learn about risperdal risperidone may treat, uses, dosage, side effects,.

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risperdal is a drug that is licensed to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and irritability associated with autism.

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the first time i tried to stop taking it i quit cold turkey and within 3-4 days of not taking it, i went into a deep psychosis had crying fits, felt itchy and very aggravated and had serious thoughts of suicide, so i got back on the risperdal for about a month.

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for instance, risperdal was approved to treat irritability associated with autism in children and adolescents in october of 2006, and for children with schizophrenia, ages 13-17, and children with bipolar disorder, ages 10-17, in august of 2007.

In the second trial study 2 , patients were randomized to either risperdal 0.

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